Named after the Javanese word for tiger, the Macan is the playful sibling of the Cayenne. Sporty and compact, but a real Porsche. The party really gets going when we equip this Porsche with a Clanck audio system.

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Music sounds
as it should.

That starts with the low tones. Four custom-made subwoofers are seamlessly integrated into your interior and allow for added depth in the low-frequency area. To increase the volume and dynamics of the sound system, we add an amplifier. For the lifelike reproduction of high-frequency tones, we use speakers that are tailored to the acoustic properties of the Porsche Macan.

By applying insulating and absorbent materials, we increase the efficiency of the speakers. To fine-tune this powerful installation down to the smallest detail, in accordance with your personal preferences, we add a Digital Sound Processor (DSP). The DSP creates synergy. A perfect balance that does justice to each and every component. The result is an impressive reproduction of music, whereby the details and depth guarantee a dynamic, powerful experience of your favourite music.


Superior audio system
for your Porsche Macan


Years of development have led to the combination of components we now use in a Clanck audio system. Each audio component is selected with the aim to create a harmonious sound image. Subsequently, a solution is found to integrate all components without having to make irreversible changes to the car. Great sound, especially for you, that is Clanck.

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Clear high tones

High tones, the basis for details. Provide excitement and surprise. For the high tones, we use a high-quality, 20-mm, soft-dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet and an aluminium coupling volume for a wider frequency range.


The tight beat of the drums, the strumming on the guitar and the perfectly-pitched vocals. We place a high-end, mid-range driver in your door with a paper sandwich membrane, a neodymium magnet and an aluminium phase cone for optimal sound radiation.

20cm Subwoofers

The foundation. Pure, deep bass tones that you can feel in your stomach. Power without the pounding. We install four powerful 20-cm bass speakers with FEA (Finite Element Analysis)-optimised cone geometry and Triple Wave surround sound for optimum performance under all conditions.

Compact, powerful amplifier

The conductor of the Clanck system, making all components work together harmoniously. A particularly powerful and compact amplifier, developed on the basis of advanced, full-range, class-D technology. This not only makes the amplifier light-weight and compact, but also very efficient in terms of power consumption. This amplifier increases the volume and the dynamics of your music, transforming it into the most lifelike reproduction.

akoestisch dempen Porsche


Every car has its own unique acoustic properties. The design of your Porsche is unique as well. For an optimal sound image and maximum efficiency, we take care of the acoustic preparation of your Porsche. This labour-intensive process requires expert knowledge and patience but, if done correctly, leads to a stunning increase in sound quality. Among other things, this craftsmanship is what distinguishes Clanck from others.

Clanck is here for you

We know that Clanck offers a superior audio system for your Porsche. An unbeatable audio experience that will surprise you every time. We also know that your Porsche means a lot to you. You treat your Porsche with care and you expect the same of others. We are here for you, from the first question until well after the installation of your Clanck audio system.

  • Expert Advice

    To ensure your satisfaction, we put all our knowledge and know-how to use. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to keep you informed during the installation process. They are always available for questions and support.

  • Perfect Integration

    By using existing cabling and connections, your car remains in its original state. No irreparable adjustments are made. The existing functionality in your car will be retained.

  • Professional Installation

    The installation process is carried out by our qualified and certified technicians only. Our unique expertise in the field of audio, manufacturing and automotive engineering guarantees a durable and professional upgrade. A Clanck for Porsche upgrade ensures a great music experience and makes for years of listening pleasure.

  • 10-year Warranty

    You will receive a 2-year warranty on your Clanck for Porsche system. This warranty applies to the components used, as well as the installation. If you have your car equipped with a Clanck audio system, you can be certain of a hassle-free listening experience.