Hearing and feeling the emotion evoked by music is a delight to experience. You want to enjoy your favourite music everywhere, including on the road.

Feel your favourite music as it was intended. Rich details, deep tones and the necessary volume to ensure a perfect experience. Clanck for Porsche brings together technology, craftsmanship and innovation in your car to ensure your daily enjoyment.

Why Clanck?

Clanck for you and your Porsche


    The Clanck for Porsche system is custom-made. Each type of car has its own unique acoustic properties. These properties determine which components are perfect for your car. By combining the right components with a design tailored especially to your car, the most optimal sound image can be created.


    The installation of a Clanck for Porsche system is carried out with the greatest of care. Only high-quality materials and components that have been especially developed for your Porsche are used. This quality is guaranteed by a certificate and a 2 year warranty.


    By using existing cabling and connections, your car remains in its original state. No irreparable adjustments are made. The existing functionality in your car will be retained.


    A lot of attention was given to the design of your car. This is probably one of the reasons why you chose it. The Clanck for Porsche system is concealed so that, aesthetically, no changes will need to be made to the interior of your Porsche.


    To ensure your satisfaction, we put all our knowledge and know-how to use. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to keep you informed during the installation process. They are always available for questions and support.


    The installation process is carried out by our qualified and certified technicians. Our unique expertise in the field of audio, manufacturing and automotive engineering guarantees a sustainable and professional upgrade. A Clanck for Porsche upgrade ensures a great experience and makes for years of listening pleasure.


    You will receive a 2 year warranty on your Clanck for Porsche system. This warranty applies to the components used, as well as the installation. If you have your car equipped with a Clanck audio system, you can be certain of a hassle-free listening experience.

Clanck for Porsche


You love music. You want to enjoy your favourite music in your Porsche in the best way possible. A Clanck for Porsche sound system offers a superior sound experience, blends in perfectly with your car, and is perfectly suited to your musical preferences.

I’m interested in Clanck

The Clanck process

During the design phase, our experts seek to find the unique balance to ensure that you can listen to your music as it was intended.


The combination of high performance and exciting dynamics transforms your car into a stunning musical performer. The components, perfectly adapted to the interior of your car, guarantee an impressive performance.


For you

Many people develop designs and technology for Porsche, we develop them for you. Without compromises.

Our dedication, passion and drive to innovate have allowed us to create a superior sound experience. It’s an experience that we have developed for your Porsche as well.